Enhancing coordination through mechanism design.

Mechanism Institute is a think tank that advances building blocks for digital-age institutions. We bring together builders and researchers to study, develop, simulate, and deploy new coordination mechanisms.

We believe that traditional institutions are failing to meet the complex demands of the 21st century, and that blockchain-based mechanisms offer a powerful yet under-explored alternative. Our mission is to fundamentally upgrade how our societies function, paving the way for more efficient, resilient, and adaptive institutions that prioritize people and positive-sum outcomes.

We achieve this through:

Research and Experimentation

We orchestrate cross-disciplinary research, design competitions, and targeted experiments that show how to overcome particular coordination problems with different mechanisms.

Design Space Mapping

Our growing library of mechanism design patterns allows anyone to explore the full range of solutions and learn from real-world case studies.

Ecosystem Building

We facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration, and innovation between partners in academia and industry that are committed to advancing mechanism design.

In the near term, we are working closely with the crypto ecosystem on better mechanisms for decision-making, value capture, incentivization, authentication, credit, and reputation. In the longer-term, our focus will expand beyond crypto, employing blockchain-based mechanisms to tackle existential risks (Al, climate, nuclear, bio) and enhance human flourishing (wealth distribution, human rights, health, education, energy & food security, sovereignty).